0 0 9  r e  :  c y b o r g

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7th June 2013

Kenji Kamiyama

Several Cyborgs

103 Minutes

12 A


5th June 2013

UK Release







We like to be fair here at Broken Shark. We like to give pretty much everything we review as much space so we don't short change anyone wanting to know about a film. Not for us the fifty word reviews of some other places for more obscure films, oh no. Five hundred or so words, no matter how big and shiny your star. Granted we sometimes go a bit north of that but rarely less.

Unless of course we watch something so totally unfathomable that to write that number of words proves impossible.  Which of course brings us to 009 Re: Cyborg. Even the title is difficult, but then, this is Manga and we're certainly not claiming to be experts on Manga. Never the less, we sat down in our favourite seat at the BFI Southbank a couple of months back and watched. Explanation however was not forthcoming. 

The plot of 009 Re: Cyborg revolves around nine humans, in various stages of development and from various countries, kidnapped way back in 1963 and transformed into cyborgs with various talents. Fast forward to 2013 and a spate of apparently unconnected skyscraper bombings brings our heroes out of retirement to face an unknown foe. 

The issue you'll have if you aren't familiar with the TV series that this is based on is that you won't have the first idea what's going on. I felt distinctly out of the loop on something though that could have been a partly cultural issue. The cyborgs are partly introduced but little backstory is given and what you're left with is a sort of bit part who done it with enthusiastic and spectacular super-hero battle sequences. Try to figure out the relationships and motivations involved and you'll soon find yourself lost.

On the plus side, the film looks utterly superb.  Kamiyama uses a 3D cell-shading (I think?) technique that makes the wonderfully drawn characters and backgrounds jumo out of the screen at you. I doubt I've seen a more impressively rendered 3D animation, it really is a joy to look at. At times you'll find yourself forgetting that you have no clue what's going on and just staring open-mouthed at the screen.

I can't honestly recommend viewing 009 Re: Cyborg unless you're a really avid Manga fan or your happen to be a fan of the series, it's beautiful but totally nonsensical if you are outside these groups. 

Check out the 009 Re: Cyborg trailer here. 

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