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Top 10 Films of 2013 - Si

6   - Robot & Frank (Jake Schreier)

What we said at the time: 'The more we think about this film, the more we think it is just excellent. Really, it’s so brilliantly simple and yet manages to present a world of emotional turmoil with such good nature and genuine humour that we defy you not to be touched by it.'

Why it's here: Why it's here: The only film that made us cry! A simple, beautifully executed piece of film making with some heartbreaking performances at it’s core. Director Jake Schreier is definitely one to watch for 2014.

7   - Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine)

What we said at the time: 'Spring Breakers is a tripped out experience. Sound is looped, scenes are played out over and again from different angles. Korine's script is fairly minimal and the dialogue is, to be frank, ridiculous. The girls say nothing of any value or use at all and don't have one real conversation in the whole film....'

Why it's here:

For good or bad, it’s unlike anything else we saw at the cinema this year and for that Korine should be commended. Then locked up.

8   - Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley)

What we said at the time: 'Stories We Tell is a great achievement and a fascinating comment on the cyclical notion of family secrets and stories.  Handled with sensitivity, love and humour, Polley's directing prowess further increases.  It's a wonderful story, whomever it belongs to.'

Why it's here: Fascinating and original documentary about secrets and lies buried deep in her family from the talented Canadian director. A class act.

9   - In the House (Francois Ozon)

What we said at the time: 'In the House is a wonderfully subversive and playful movie which doesn't take itself too seriously – and nor should you.'

Why it's here: A little bit of flirty French fun from Ozon, with fantastic performances from Scott Thomas, Luchini and new star Umhauer. How can you not love a film where a middle aged husband and wife have a conversation about the possibility of the husband being in love with a 15 year old schoolboy - as if they were discussing the weather. Ne pas parfait mais tres amusant.

10 - Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino)

What we said at the time: 'From the outset Django Unchained is brutal, bloody, tense and unforgiving but there is also humour and some truly memorable performances that makes it one enjoyable ride'

Why it's here: Whether you think Tarantino pulled off his aim of giving black people a hero is by the by, he has created an epic western here. Foxx looks smoking and acts his socks off and Di Caprio is menacing as we’ve not seen him before.

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