2014 Preview - Part I

The Lego Movie

Staring: Jonah Hill, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson

Why we're looking forward to it: It's a movie staring Lego! Plus it has characters called President Business and Bad Cop / Good Cop. What's not to get excited about there?

Only Lovers Left Alive

Staring: Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton

Why we're looking forward to it: Jarsmuch. It's been favourably compared to our favourite Dead Man and we've recovered from The Limits of Control. Plus it has to be better than 2013's Valentine's Day movie....

The Zero Theorem

Staring: Christophe Waltz, Melanie Thierry

Why we're looking forward to it: A Terry Gilliam movie is ALWAYS worth watching. Sometimes only once....It's been a long time since his best so hopefully this one will give us something to talk about.

Muppets Most Wanted

Staring: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Beaker....

Why we're looking forward to it: James Bobin did such a magnificent job of resurrecting our favourite felt lunatics that the prospect of a sequel is an instant sell. He even managed to sell us a NEW Muppet....

The Double

Staring: Jessie Eisenberg (x2), Mia Wasikowska

Why we're looking forward to it:  Ayoade is always interesting and this one has a promising idea - a man driven mad by the appearance of his doppelgänger. Plus we're happy to watch anything with the lovely Mia in.


Staring: Mia Wasikowska, a lot of desert

Why we're looking forward to it: We've seen it already (at the LFF) and it's great. Wasikowska entirely carries the movie as the most determined female character to hit our screens for some time - travelling across Australia with only her dog for company.

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