m u l - g o - g i ( a  f i s h)

a fish.jpg

There's a boat. And a man in a car. Somebody Died. It's filmed in 'homemade 3D'. It's Korean. We worked some of these things out. Some other things, not so easy to figure.

A Fish has 34 ratings on IMDB and a score of 3.9. Which gives you some idea of how many people have seen it. Outside it's home territory anyway. Both of broken shark saw this film. Neither of broken shark could really make head or tail of it.

We are pretty sure it's about a woman who has died and her husband's inability to let her go. Though to be honest, that could be a spoiler for the end of the movie.

It is a damn sight stranger than the other Korean films that broken shark has witnessed and in most cases enjoyed. Although quite a few were witnessed through our fingers (anything by Chan-wook Park) or actually open mouthed at its bonkers brilliance (Joon-ho Bong's The Host - coming soon to our less seen films section). What we're getting at is that we're not unversed in the off the wall Korean film ways. However, A Fish's attempts at philosophy and twisting viewpoints left us mostly confused. And a little disappointed. It almost fell into some kind of Waiting for Godot in a boat groove, which we almost thought might be brilliant. But then it didn't.

We aren't entirely sure this is worth an hour and a half or so of your time. But then, we can't say for absolute definite that it isn't worth an hour and a half of your time.