Re-branded and with all new shiny marketing, this year's London festival of queer cinema is bigger than ever. Held between 19th and 29th of March at BFI Southbank, this year's programme is divided into three strands (Hearts, Bodies and Minds) and takes in more movies than we could be bothered to count just now. If you are so inclined, there is also an Events strand that takes in such varied activities as a Rocky Horror party, a Xena themed lezz-off (nope, us neither) and er, a family fun afternoon. So get your fabulous face on and check out the trailer opposite and our previews & blog below.


As is now becoming a tradition here at BS towers, we will be posting mini reviews to our festival blog as we go. Full reviews will be updated as and when movies get a full release in the cinemas. Blog right here.


We've dipped into the programme and pulled out a few picks, we completely forgot to apply for any kind of accreditation for this but we'll be there none the less to check out half a dozen of these. Reviews up of the next couple of weeks.

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