I am Michael

Inexplicably lacking a trailer (though there's seems to be plenty of coverage of Zach 'n James smooching - sigh) but opening the festival anyway, writer / director Justin Kelly's first feature tells the in / out / in again true story of Michael Glatze. Considering the monumental mental swings that must accompany a crisis that causes a leading gay rights activist to embrace religion and retreat back into the closet, we're expecting a pretty complicated but fascinating story. Zachary Quinto and James Franco star.

Do I Sound Gay?

Cliched though it sounds, it's difficult to get away from the impression that some people simply sound gay. Another debut, David Thorpe's documentary sets out to try and get to the bottom of the titular question.

We Came to Sweat

Allegedly Brooklyn's oldest black owned gay bar, The Starlight Lounge occupied a corner in Crown Heights from the 60's up until the building was sold in 2010. Kate Kunathn and Sasha Wortzel's documentary charts the dive bar's final fight against extinction.


National treasure (oh yes) and all around legend Patrick Stewart stars with Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard (dangerously close now to being an actor) in Stephen Belber's latest. A Juilliard professor gets more than he bargained for when he is interviewed by a husband and wife team about his time teaching dance back in the sixties.

Tab Hunter Confidential

Tab Hunter was the perfect matinee idol back in the 1950's. Blond, blue eyed, all American. So we're guessing it didn't sit too well when it became clear he was also gay. Zoikes! Jeffrey Schwarz (I Am Divine) catches up with Tab for the details.

Appropriate Behaviour

We caught this one at the LFF and couldn't speak highly enough of it. Desiree Akhavan's brilliantly witty tale of New York bi-sexual life is a joy. Check out our review here.

The New Girlfriend

Another that we caught at the LFF, this one has a great deal of WTF?!? about it. Huge fun from Francois Ozon though as Romain Duris finds a new life when his wife dies. Check our mini review here.

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