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Now in it's 12th edition, the East End Film Festival returns to, well, the East End of London on 25th of June with 16 World Premieres, 2 European Premieres, 28 UK Premieres and 20 London Premieres. Which is a lot of premieres. As we're relatively new to this game, we haven't been to this one before so we're very much looking forward to breaking our duck this year. We had a dig through the programme and below is Part One of our preview. 

Part One concentrates on some of the amazing documentaries showing this year. We'll follow over the next few days with the various Stands showing.

Check out the full festival website here: EEFF

Star of the Opening Night Gala, The UK Gold tells the sordid tale of tax avoidance in the UK. Narrated by Dominic West and featuring a wealth of journalistic talent, we're very much looking forward to the muck that will surface from this documentary.

Full information here: The UK Gold

The Last Time I Saw Macao is a fascinating concept. A documentary / fiction hybrid, it tells the tale of one man's return to Macao in search of a missing friend. We don't get too many films about what must be a fascinating place, so check out the synopsis here and tell us you're not intrigued: The Last Time I Saw Macao

We love Underworld. And we don't mean the vampire thing. So hearing that Karl Hyde has teamed up with Kieran Evans to 'create a meditation on the Essex borderlands' made us pay attention.

Check out the full information here: The Outer Edges

Documentaries are fantastic for making you think about things that would otherwise be taken for granted. When we think about education issues, it's unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is 'have the students got any light to read by?', yet clearly this is huge issue in Guinea. Might want to bring your tissues for Black Out.

If ever an animal wasn't suitable for captivity, it has to be Killer Whales. With not one single fatal attack on humans in the wild and three from just one animal in captivity, you wouldn't think it would take a genius to work out there's something wrong here. Tragically these majestic animals are still 'trained' to perform in front of crowds around the world. Gabriela Cowperthwaite brings her Sundance hit Blackfish to the EEFF and instantly makes us furious about the situation. Which is a great start for a documentary on this subject.

That really is just a small selection of the documentaries on offer at the EEFF. For a lot more, check here for the programme: EEFF Documentaries.

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