e a s t  e n d  f i l m  f e s t i v a l  2 0 1 3

A r g e n t i n e  F o c u s

east end film festival 1.jpg

Now in it's 12th edition, the East End Film Festival returns to, well, the East End of London on 25th of June with 16 World Premieres, 2 European Premieres, 28 UK Premieres and 20 London Premieres. Which is a lot of premieres. As we're relatively new to this game, we haven't been to this one before so we're very much looking forward to breaking our duck this year. We had a dig through the programme and below is Part Two of our preview. 

Part Two concentrates on the Argentine strand that shows this year. We know entirely not very much about Argentine film beyond The Secrets in Their Eyes and The Motorcycle Diaries so we're very much up for expanding our repertoire here. More to follow over the next few days with the various Stands showing.

Check out the full festival website here: EEFF

This one's been around since last year's festival so we even have a trailer for it. The Last Elvis tells the tale of an Elvis impersonator as he tries to balance his obsession with The King with family troubles. John McInery can do a pretty fantastic impersonation of Elvis and the film looks fascinating.

We have absolutely no idea what to make of this other than we really want to see it. Made in 2007 but with a superb retro silent movie style, La Antena is being screened outdoors and with a specially commissioned score from Esben and the Witch. Should be awesome.


Not a massive amount to go on for this one but the synopsis sounds interesting. Viola follows an all girl theatre company as they get caught up in all sorts of shenanigans whilst putting on a performance of Twelfth Night....