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22nd May 2013

Chris Wedge

Colin Farrell

102 Minutes



1st June 2013

UK Release







It's kind of asking for trouble calling a movie Epic isn't it? All sorts of gags have been made, I've read Epic Fail references in three reviews. Luckily, we don't do that kind of thing here at Broken Shark, so we'll just settle for saying well, Epic it ain't, but 'adequate' just doesn't quite have the same magic on a poster does it? 

Cute as a button teenager Mary Katherine, (or MK as she now calls herself, bloody teenagers) (Amanda Seyfried) is packed off to live with her eccentric father Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) who has spent most of his adult life tracking what he believes are tribes of tiny people living in the trees. What a silly boy. Except of course, turns out he's not and the trees are in fact inhabited by tiny tribe of Leafmen such as heroic Ronin (Colin Farrell) and ruled over by floaty, soft spoken, slightly annoying Queen Tara (Beyoncé). They are in trouble though being constantly under threat from the dreaded Boggans ruled over by Mandrake (Christophe Waltz). The big and small world collide and MK ends up shrunken into the Leafmen world where she must work out what her role is to save the Leafmen and get her own life back.  

Any kind of new story or world being created in this wasteland of boring remakes should be applauded and Epic has done that. Perhaps jumping on the Brave-female heroine bandwagon slightly, Epic is still an original, just perhaps not always completely captivating.  The cast is excellent and unusual. Colin Farell is a standout and Christophe Waltz demonstrates that he doesn't even have to be on the screen to be a complete genius, it's enough just to hear him. Is there nothing he isn't good at? B list soap stars had just better pray that he doesn't decide to enter Dancing on Ice next year. Chris O Dowd and Josh Hutchinson provide some silliness as a snail and slug and Steven Tyler adds some

coolness to Alice in Wonderlad-esque caterpillar Nim Galuu. Amanda Seyfried does a good job with sweet but bland MK and Jason Sudeikis is really great as lovable buffoon Bomba. The animation is really quite stunning at times, the colourful beautiful world of lily pads and flowers is beautifully created and touches such as the cloth on the frog's costume is mesmerising. It's a good looking picture.  

My toddler was mostly entertained but did make a break for the exit mid way through the film and to be honest I could see why - it just doesn't quite grab you in. Perhaps a bit more time spent on developing MK and her dad's back story would have been beneficial. It's a perfectly decent day out with the family. Just not an Epic one.

Check out the Epic trailer here.

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