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17th May 2013

Justin Lin


30 mins too long

12 A


14th May 2013

UK Release







I may not be the most qualified of people to write this review.  I have not seen, or had the remotest desire to see, any of the previous incarnations of this series.  Anyway, I am also pretty certain that most of the huge audience that will go see this film will not give a toss about any reviews, so I'll keep this brief.

Fast and Furious 6 sees the old gang relaxing on various continents enjoying the spoils of their last multi million heist when their reverie is smashed by 'Samoan Thor' Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).  He needs help with a criminal group who are driving rings round the police, and as leverage he produces what appears to be a photo of dead Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), alive and well. This is enough bait for Torretto (Vin Diesel) to reassemble the gang and off to London to go to try take down Shaw (Luke Evans) and his gang and bring Letty back into the family.  This film is all about family.    

Welcome to the Punch managed do make London look sexy as hell and that only had one car chase, somehow Fast and Furious 6 makes it look cheap and dirty.  I know these films are not meant to be taken seriously but surely the idea of being able to road race around London is too outlandish to swallow anyway?  When would they not sit behind a bus? At lights? What about gas replacement works?  It would be the shortest race in history.  However, as aforementioned, this film really is not  aimed at me so instead of moaning about the laughable script and storyline, over-use of CGI, bizarre location choices (Senate House for Moscow??) and really rather unexciting fights and races, I would instead list the good things about it.  Here goes: 

1. Luke Evans. He really does make an excellent baddie and manages to make Shaw more than one dimensional which is no mean feat with the script he is working with.  He also looks good, like a movie star.  He is probably the best thing in it. 

2. The rest of the cast.  There's no denying the original cast play well together and even though some cast members seem to have little or no acting skills (I'll let you work out who) they all have a charm and look good which is more than enough for this genre.  I did really enjoy the dynamics between Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson and Gal Gadot and Sun Kang and there are some funny moments although I'm not entirely sure they were all intentional.

3. One of the best girl fights I have ever seen.  Michelle Rodriguez is on kick ass form and Gina Carona gives as good as she gets.  It is really well done, shame it takes place in what looks like a tube station from 1908.  

4. The Rock.  I just like him, he's on good form in this sending himself up a bit. One of my favourite lines when he enters the room is 'why do I smell baby oil?'

5. Nice cars?  If you like that sort of thing you will, unsurprisingly, not be disappointed.  Also, excellent use of a tank.

At the end there is a teaser set up for the next film starring another English actor although one perhaps a little more expected than Luke Evans.  Everyone I was at the screening with cheered, they can't wait for the next one.  Personally there won't be a next one. For me, this ride is over. 

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