f o r  n o  g o o d  r e a s o n

legend and legend...

legend and legend...

Depp goes in search of the only person who could have brought Gonzo journalism to life in pictures. And discovers an absolute one-off.

in line with the complete disclosure policy we recently made up; broken shark would like to point out that we were a little drunk when we watched this superb documentary. The film makers saw fit to give out bottles of Gonzo beer prior to the screening and after a complete day of movie-going and not a small stop-off at the Tom Cribb, broken shark was boarding on tired and emotional by the time the credits rolled.

The film attempts to show Steadman at work and put his frantic, hideously beautiful work into context with the Gonzo movement and Hunter S Thompson. It is a fascinating view of Steadman’s brilliance and a nostalgic look back at his time with Hunter Thompson.

A total labour of love by the director, seeing Steadman’s process is endlessly interesting. His work documenting not just the collapse of the American dream but the disillusion of a generation of people utterly let down by politicians deserves far more credit than it widely gets. Steadman is a legend and more people should know this.

It's impossible not to feel sad at the loss of the Thompson half of this incredibly prolific double-act. Steadman and Thompson seem destined to have been together and it's a shame that Steadman's art relied so heavily on the now absent Thompson for its exposure.

A befittingly anarchic documentary, we really hope this sees a release in 2013 as Steadman's art deserves to be seen.