g r e a t  e x p e c t a t i o n s

HBC - lowering expectations

HBC - lowering expectations

Closing the LFF in 2012, HBC gets her Havisham crazy on and only succeeds in lowering broken shark's expectations...

It's fair to say that broken shark went into this one with, at best, average expectations.

It’s shot beautifully and well-acted in the most part but we're not really sure what the point was. It adds nothing over previous versions beyond some strange casting decisions (David Walliams?) and some nice gothic atmosphere.

It ticks all the boxes but never does anything that’s going to raise it above average. It also has the worst closing shot from any movie. Ever. It looks like it was pasted in from a TV melodrama. Even the lighting makes it look like it’s from a different film.

Great Expectations 2012 will be shown over and over in English Literature classes throughout the country to pupils who balk at black and white movies. And for this it will be very handy. Our advice is go re-watch the David Lean version or for that the matter Cuaron version. The former is a classic and at least the latter tried to be different. 

So we’ll stick at Below Average Expectations. Let’s see if they put that on the poster.