h y d e  p a r k  o n  h u d s o n


1st February 2013

Roger Michell


94 Minutes









Hyde Park on Hudson was heading for broken shark's 'meh' section of the LFF but as it's out this month, we thought we'd promote it to the February reviews. Sadly it does retain the 'meh'.

Bill Murray (one of our most favourite people in the whole wide movie-world - and not just because of his engaging and irascible screen presence) stars in Roger 'Notting Hill' Michell's fluffy comedy / drama about FDR's apparently not incest affair with his distant cousin. Set in 1939 when our Royal PR team were over in an attempt to blag money off them Yanks for our little war thing, the film happily meanders through a few days at the President's house in upstate New York.

Bill seduces his cousin by means of some driving and careful hand direction and chats very much man to man with the King of England. Olivia Coleman pops up as the Queen and instantly becomes the best thing in the movie. You can cut and paste that into any film with Olivia Coleman in and just edit the name of her character. Having said that, Olivia Williams is perfectly cast as Eleanor. She's an uncanny likeness in the makeup and a great, bitter foil to Bill's engaging President.

I could entirely see what the movie was aiming at, a snapshot of charming relationships framed by the turmoil of war in the very great distance but... well, it never really feels like anything much at all. Murray is good as FDR but the overall impression we had coming out the movie was, well, we said it already - 'meh'.

Check out the Hyde Park on Hudson trailer here.