LFF 2014 Previews Part ii:


The Immortalists (Jason Sussberg)

'Cure ageing.... or die trying' runs the theme for this brilliantly oddball looking doc. Two wildly contrasting scientists desperately try to uncover the secret to swerving the inevitable. The result is already known, the methods and characters look fascinating. 

Ne me quitte pas (Sabine Lubbe Bakker & Niels van Koevorden)

Documentaries have a wonderful habit of churning up characters that are far more entertaining than anything you can come up with on paper and this looks like an absolutely superb example of that. Rural Belgium hosts some pretty strange but understatedly brilliant characters....

Stray Dog (Debra Granik)

Stray Dog (Ronnie Hall) is a stereotypical American biker. Right? Apparently not. Winter's Bone (seriously, exactly how did that film NOT win an Oscar?) writer / director Granik skilfully digs into mountain community USA and uncovers a world little seen and even less well understood. 

The Creator of the Jungle (Jordi Morató)

The Catalan village of Agrelaguer plays host to Garrell. Who seems to think he is Tarzan. And decides to build a wooden city in the forest befitting the legend. Threatened by real life, Garrell's structures are pulled down, only to be rebuilt in spectacular style....

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