LFF 2014 Previews Part vi:


Appropriate Behaviour (Desiree Akhaven)

This was one of the films that stood out on our first read through the programme. Watch the clip opposite and tell us you didn't spit your tea out laughing. Just wonderful...

Chasing Berlusconi (Ole Ednresen)

We couldn't find a subtitled trailer for this Norwegian comedy but the 28 second trailer here should give you a good taste. Low - level crime capers and horse and trap racing.... ace. 

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Sydney Sibilia)

Another one lacking a subtitled trailer, we can't help but think this one must have a better translation for the title too. Doesn't matter, the idea of an Italian comedy take on Breaking Bad has us paying attention.

Night Bus (Simon Baker)

Ah, that very specific London joy that is the Night Bus. Having been on it once sober, we can attest - it is a very strange place. Here Baker takes us on a rainy night trip to meet some distinctly diverse individuals.... 

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