LFF Preview Part I - The Obvious Choices.


We were sneaky fans of Cuarón's adaptation of Great Expectations so we're very excited about this one. Of course, it helps that it has Sandy 'n George in it too. George generally turns up for the LFF and we're led to believe Sandy will be there also. Result. 
Anyways, the film pretty much just has them and a LOT of space. Plus some catastrophe. Check out the trailer opposite and tell me you don't want to be sat in the Odeon Leicester Square watching that...


Gravity Trailer

Inside Llewyn Davis

Any Cohen brothers movie is worth a look and this one looks wonderful. A tale of a country singer, accidental cat abduction, cold weather and a stunning haircut from John Goodman, what's not to look forward too here. 

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Who would have thought it? Not us. Shows what we know. Starring as a man with what his stunning girlfriend deems to be a porn 'problem', this looks like one of the funniest movies of the festival. Check out JGL singing in the car at the end of the trailer... 

Don Jon Trailer

Mystery Road

Ivan Sen brings us a film about an indigenous detective returning to the Outback when a girl is murdered. Great to see Hugo Weaving back in a none Hobbitty film and looks like a great role for Aaron Pedersen. The stunning landscapes look like an impressive backdrop for this tale of murder and repressed racial strife. 

Mystery Road Trailer


Oscar winner Juan José Campanella (The Secret in Their Eyes) changes pace somewhat to bring what looks like a superb family animation to the festival. I got a load of odd looks when I picked this one out but mark my words, this is a winner.

Foosball Trailer

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