LFF Preview Part II - Stuff We're Going to See!


Having been cruelly denied accreditation to this year's LFF, by logic that would make Joseph Heller's head spin here we present the first few movies that we've actually secured tickets for. Quite a few of these still have tickets available so get over to the BFI website!

Sacro Gra

A documentary concentrating on the people who live around Rome's ring road. This one won the Golden Lion at Venice, we're obsessed with documentaries and the list of characters is so spectacularly diverse (from a transvestite prostitute to an eel fisherman) that this has to be a winner. 

Sacro Gra Trailer

The Spectacular Now

Miles Teller drops out of some very suspect career choices (Project X, 21 & Over) and fetches up with Shailene Woodley (super in The Descendants)  in this charming looking coming of age film.

The Spectacular Now Official Trailer #1

Enough Said 

One of the late James Gandolfini's final movies, this is an obvious must see. A 'mid-life' rom-com, that is, featuring people who aren't in their early thirties, Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars alongside. 

Enough Said trailer

Mistaken for Strangers 

A documentary with a twist. This follows US band The National (who we quite like) on tour. The twist being that the documentarian is one of the band's brothers. And he's never made a documentary before. This one looks like something between Spinal Tap and Some Kind of Monster. Which will be awesome.

Mistaken for Strangers trailer

 The Last Impresario

A documentary talking to friends and colleagues of Michael White. Who you won't have heard of but who produced hundreds of theatre shows (including The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and it would appear lived quite the life. Anyone who lists John Waters and Kate Moss as close friends has got to be worth a movie....

The Last Impresario - No trailer available! Sorry.

The Last Impresario - No trailer available! Sorry.

A Touch of Sin 

We've seen disgracefully few Chinese films so anything that can expand our view east is a good thing. Jia Zhangke tells the based on a true story of four people in modern China. Looks as compelling as it does grim.

A Touch of Sin trailer

 The Rocket

Telling the tale of a Laos boy, believed by grown-ups who should know better to be cursed, this features a Laos James Brown (complete with amazing purple suit) and some wonderful cinematography. 

The Rocket trailer

Here Be Dragons 

We don't always agree with Mark Cousins but there is no doubt that he is one of the most intelligent film makers out there. His passion for film is beyond doubt and almost comprehension. Here is travels to Albania to check out their cinematic culture. That's not a sentence I thought I'd be writing.

Here Be Dragons - no trailer available! Sorry.

Here Be Dragons - no trailer available! Sorry.

Jodorowsky's Dune 

We're not big on the David Lynch version of Dune so it will be very interesting to see what this one may have looked like. Probably a psychedelic mess but an interesting one...   

Jodorowsky's Dune trailer

Kon Tiki 

Some people will go to great lengths to prove a theory. Thor Heyerdal was one of those people. Based on the true story of Heyerdal's epic journey across the pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947, this is not Life of Pi. The sharks in this one look really mean. 

Kon Tiki