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The Shining! Hidden meanings! And when we say 'hidden' we really, really mean 'hidden'. Like budget airline extra charges hidden. 

We were looking forward to this one and ended up disappointed. In retrospect, this may have more to do with our expectations and less to do with the documentary. 

Director Rodney Ascher sets out to find seemingly the most outlandish theories that have ever been put out there revolving around Kubrick's opus. And some of the theories really are a little bit too far out there to be, well, to be that interesting to be honest.

Some of the theories do hold some interest, Kubrick's legendary attention to detail puts any continuity 'errors' into a different light. Could the master of everything in the right place really have missed details like a cartoon disappearing from Danny's bedroom door? Or was there more to it than that. This is interesting. Kubrick filming the fake moon landing? And leaving clues to this in the film? You can only make the word 'moon' from the fey fob letters 'Room no. 237'? Come on, that's a bit of a stretch.

No doubt brighter people than broken shark will puzzle over such issues for aeons to come. broken shark was left feeling like the run time would have perhaps been better spent re-watching The Shining....