s a v e  y o u r  l e g s  !

boycott would not be impressed

boycott would not be impressed

Australian amateur cricket. Plus Bollywood madness. Equals.... well, we're not quite sure but it's not going to win an Oscar....

Save Your Legs! tells the tale of a bunch of Australian man-children who are in various stages of Having To Grow Up and in various stages of accompanying denial.

broken shark are happy to report that this is the best Australian Bollywood cricket movie we've ever seen. It is entirely unhinged but relatively honest by just about avoiding any number of crass stereotypes.

It constantly treads a fine line between just another boys on tour / everything goes wrong / all works out well journey, but you will have seen all the mid-life crisis stories before.

Save Your Legs ultimately leaves you with a smile on your face but mainly due to the fantastically surreal Bollywood finish.