s e v e n  p s y c h o p a t h s

five would be daft, six would be plain silly, seven however...

five would be daft, six would be plain silly, seven however...

In Bruges helmer McDonagh almost literally fires out another smart-talking piece of near genius, sending Sam, Chris and Colin up against Woody....

It would be slightly erroneous to call Seven Psychopaths a film, it's more a series of loosely collected sketches. But this doesn't stop the film being one of the most gloriously fun that broken shark has seen in recent times.

The plot, for what it's worth revolves around Farrell's character trying to resolve his writer's block whilst Walken and Rockwell run into problems with their dog-knapping extortion business. Carnage ensues. Hilarious, brutal carnage. broken shark hasn't laughed so much whilst peering through his fingers in a long while. Well, possibly not since Piranha 3D. But this film doesn't fit in anywhere near the same bracket as the lunatic 3D fish melee.

From the opening shot of two gangsters chatting away, oblivious to the obvious pending fate that the audience can see coming from a mile off, the film dispatches good guys, bad guys and guys in between (and girls for that matter) with a kind of manic glee.

The one-liners are laugh out loud funny and Walken gives his most impressive performance since True Romance. Brooding horror, listlessness and disappointment all bubble beneath the surface as he gradually loses the will to live in spectacular fashion. 

Farrell is left with the straight guy role though does get some fine moments, particularly when in shock from a particularly brutal massacre. Rockwell hits all the right crazy notes and Harrelson plays a role that he's nailed before but this is Walken's party.

Fantastic entertainment but the lack of proper narrative leaves it a little disjointed.