Director Spencer Eastabrooks
Staring Sharkasurus!
Runtime 8 Minutes
Reviewer Si
Reviewed 21st September 2014

What better way to kick off our new Shorts section than with a shark movie? We don’t need to sell our shark loving credentials here, just have a look around the site, so it took about half a second to agree to have a look at this one. Science and Religion come together to face the terror that is Sharasaurus.

Displaying an impressive sense of the absurd, Spencer Eastabrooks’ movie revolves entirely around one scene - a geologist and her assistants are searching for the creature of the title, using ground penetrating radar. A crazed priest and his family turn up to warn against such activity. Clearly things do not go well for either of them.

Using some wonderfully crusty visual effects, Eastabrooks combines some hyped up oddball characters with a distinctly Tremors like vibe and a distinctly off centre sense of humour. Clearly influenced by Edgar Wright’s movies, the sense of the absurd and some particularly over the top humour kept me chuckling throughout. Sound is used well and the script has some great lines. The closing title in particular is an absolute winner. Bring on Sharkasaurus Part Deux.

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