Sight & Sound Challenge


Sight and Sound magazine published a compilation of the top 100 films and Broken Shark were a little concerned about the somewhat underwhelming number they had watched so we set ourselves a task to watch the top ten. That was last year and we still haven't got round to it but now we have a reason to. Below is the Critics list, we bought five each and over the coming weeks we will review and discuss them and emerge the other side like a beautiful smug film butterfly. Or something.  Anyway we will definitely be smug.  

10 - 8 1/2 Federico Fellini (1963)

9  - The Passion of Joan of Arc Carl Theodor Dreyer (1928)

8  - Man with a Movie Camera Dziga Vertov (1929)

7  - The Searchers John Ford (1956)

6  - 2001: A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick (1968)

5  - Sunrise F. W. Murnau (1927)

4  - La Règle du jeu Jean Renoir (1939)

3  - Tokyo Story Ozu Yasujirô (1953)

2  - Citizen Kane Orson Welles (1941)

1  - Vertigo Alfred Hitchcock (1958)