s p i k e  i s l a n d

spike island.jpg

A group of very nineties friends fight, swear, play instruments and attempt to blag tickets in this extended Shameless-like episode of indie-rock themed growing of age nostalgia.......

Broken Shark thoroughly enjoyed Spike Island. But we have to think this has more to do with being just about nineties kids ourselves. Anyone who actually know us needs to stop laughing now. We were there man! We had long-sleeved t-shirts! Well, maybe we weren't quite at the right age, but the film certainly made us wish we were that age. Or, more truthfully, we wish we'd been in the world this film was set in.

A group of friends attempt to infiltrate the Stone Roses gig on Spike Island in 1990, failure is not an option for them despite putting all their hope in a variety of man-child like character who are doomed to fail. They take lots of drugs, drink heavily and deal with family issues, friendship issues and girl issues. That angle isn't particularly new but the music is obviously fantastic and the central performance by one of the Gallagher boys from Shameless is great.

The film is magnificently shot with great use of some clever digital trickery to merge the film with archive footage and of course, the music. If you're broken shark's age or anywhere near, you will sit there misty eyed for the days you thought you could form a band and Ian Brown and the boys were smashing I Am the Resurrection out at full volume. You know who you are, because you're thinking about having a lager now and sticking the Second Coming on the stereo. Then turning it down and putting the lager back in the fridge because it's a school night and you have a meeting tomorrow. Ah, happy days.

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